Assistive Technology

High Quality Training

At Support Connect we adopt a diverse Inclusive Trainer Program that ensures all of our trainers and support staff are Inclusive Assistive Technology Experts to the highest possible standard, this is achieved through consistent personal development programs.

When Applying Training technique’s with our clients we diversify our techniques so that the training can be related to the student’s study or working training environment, this also improves student and client study skills.

Every client training session is tailored according to the students learning level. Our trainers also tailor sessions according to course type and working enviroment and method by which the student learns. This creates a personalised learning / training session maximising the clients potential through Inclusive Technology.

Whilst maximising training results through diversification we also provide our client with an online training log via our learning support application Touch Point and online training videos, we also offer training sessions online rather than in person if the student prefers (current not available under covid 19 rules).

Our Assistive Trainers are trained in a wide range of assistive technology, covering Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism, Mental Health Disability’s, Physical Health Disability’s and more

We offer the following packages. (all packages include access to our Individual learning platform ILP Touch Point

  • Individual training sessions typically 1.5 / 2 hours
  • DSA Training (disabled student allowance) if you have received email communication (DSA2) email/letter and require assistive technology training under your DSA grant please follow this link to book, BOOK HERE, call us on 0808 2889794 or email us on attaching a copy of your proof of funding letter (dsa2).

    If you are a DSA Assessment centre and require prices for quoting under the DSA grant please click here.
  • Small group training session up to 10 candidates.
  • Large group training sessions up to 30 candidates.
  • Inclusive technology awareness session.

    We also have a library of free assistive technology apps to get you start, please feel free to follow the link to the free app library.

For more information on Inclusive Assistive Technology and the services we offer please contact us on or submit an enquiry via our webform.