Specialist Study Skill Support

Study Skills Support

Specialist Study Skills support is like having someone who will help you to develop your own ‘tool kit’ of strategies that work for you, to help you with your studies and on into the graduate workplace.

Here is an idea of some of the things which might be covered in a session:
  •     Identify your learning style, strengths and weaknesses and develop appropriate strategies
  •     Organise your workload
  •     Break down assignments and workload into small manageable tasks, supporting you so you keep on track
  •     Breaking down assignment briefs
  •     How to plan and manage work
  •     Planning when to do work and help with time management
  •     Gain an understanding of what makes an ‘A, B, C, or D’ piece of work.
  •     Understand different assessment types and develop effective strategies to produce assignments such as essays, reports, reflective writing, presentations etc.
  •     Support you with preparing for exams and presentations
  •     Gain an understanding of learning outcomes
  •     Gain, or strengthen, research, library and web search skills
  •     Gain an understanding of referencing and plagiarism
  •     Review your work to help identify if your meaning is clear, pointing out habitual mistakes (spelling, grammar), model alternatives and suggest useful techniques
  •     Signposting to other services and sources of advice
  •     Looking at sections of work to show ‘scaffold’ how to improve academic writing, structure and organisation of work
  •     Proof-read sections of early work and demonstrate proof-reading techniques for you to use (Please Note: tutors cannot proof read whole assignments or add or subtract from content in any way)
  •     How to apply strategies to planning and carrying out a dissertation
  •     Recognize the skills you have developed and building others to enable you to become an independent learner

If there is some part of your studies you are struggling with, you can talk to your tutor about it.