Inclusive practice support and development

Why is organisational awareness important?

One of the main causes of difficulties organisations face in moving towards being truly inclusive, is lack of awareness. This might be a lack of information among decision makers and managers of the needs of their staff; or a limited understanding of inclusive practices and how these can benefit your organisation or service; or a lack of understanding of a specific disability or condition and how this is impacting on  a particular member of staff.

Whatever the circumstances, where lack of awareness exists this can negatively impact on both your organisation and on individuals, whether they be customers, staff or learners.

Working with our partners at RealEyes Insights Ltd (link to come!), we can offer a range of awareness raising solutions aimed at making measurable to ensure that you maximise your impact as an inclusive organisation.

We offer:
•    awareness raising sessions for staff (lunchtime briefings, webinars etc)
•    staff training (online and face to face)
•    development of resources packs and materials for staff e.g. onboarding support, disability awareness
•    workplace coaching and mentoring for individual staff or managers
•    bespoke development support tailored to your organisational needs.

Indicative areas covered by our awareness raising and training offers are:
•    Inclusive workplaces and practices
•    Inclusive teaching and learning
•    Disability awareness
•    Neurodiversity awareness

However, we are happy to design bespoke products to meet you specific needs.  

Example: Inclusive workplaces and practices (full day)
This comprehensive full day’s training course takes learners through a journey of reflection on personal and organisational perspectives of inclusion and inclusive practice, focussing in particular on people with disabilities and how this impacts them. At the end of the day, learners will commit to action to support inclusive practice both within their own and other’s work. Content includes:

•    Exploring definitions of diversity and inclusion
•    Introducing inclusive practice and universal design
•    Using disability as a lens
•    Exploring challenges, overcoming the barriers
•    How to make inclusive workplace adjustments
•    Specialist support and intervention
•    Where to find out more…

Example: Disability Awareness (half-day)
These fun yet focussed half day courses offers an introduction to disability, the barriers people with disabilities may face and how these might be overcome.
Aimed at staff at all levels within an organisation, we first discuss definitions of disability and how it is society and our processes, structures and cultures that disable people, not a person’s particular impairment or need. Learners then explore a range of disabilities through the perspectives of real people and consider how often reflecting on our own assumptions or making simple adjustments to structures and processes, can play a key role in removing the barriers that people with disabilities may face. Learners leave with resource guide of further information and a commitment to act on their learning on the course.   
Content includes:

•    Different definitions of disability
•    Understanding disability context
•    Explore a range of disabilities and their impacts
•    How to make workplace adjustments
•    Where to get more help.

If you require further information please feel free to get in touch via our website form or email us on