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Here at Support Connect we are more than a learning support company. We specialise in providing comprehensive assistance and resources to apprentices and learners with disabilities or additional learning needs, with a focus on enhancing their experience, social mobility, and prospects.
Whether it's through personalised guidance, targeted resources, or effective strategies, we are here to help learners overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.
In short - we exist to connect people with the support they need.

Helping Apprentices Succeed

Support Connect exists to connect learners with additional learning needs to the support and advice they need in order to progress and succeed. We also work with training and education providers and employers to make sure that they are able to deliver specialist support and adjustments themselves.

We use our extensive experience of delivering assessment and support in different learning environments to provide highly specialised, individually tailored learning and mental health support services to learners with SEND* who face barriers to their learning created by a learning difference or disability.

*Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

The challenge

It is estimated that around one in five people in the UK may have some form of additional learning need, though in reality the number may be higher than this. Despite this many of these people may not know that they have a supportable condition or are unaware that there is support available to them. For apprentices, for example, this might equate to roughly 160,000 starters each year!

In addition, training and learning providers may lack the  to deliver assessment and support services for their learners. They may also be unaware of the financial support available to their learners or and how to access this. Reasons include lack of specialist staff, capacity issues, the inability to assess support need themselves and the administration and tracking of support.

We meet this challenge by providing targeted screening, assessment, support and advice services offering learners and providers reassurance that all their learners are able to thrive and progress irrespective of any learning challenges that they may face.

We support all learners with an additional learning need and can also offer assessments and screenings via the Do It neurodiversity screener.

We can therefore support SEND learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D, autistic spectrum conditions, mobility and dexterity difficulties, sensory impairment, mental health difficulties and long-term medical conditions.

SEND learners may already have a Statement of Educational Needs (SENs), Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDAs), or Education Health and Care Plan (EHCPs).

They may also have a formal diagnosis or evidence of a learning difficulty, medical condition or disability.

However, many more learners have an undiagnosed learning need (LN) and we support them in getting suitable assessment of these needs.

Our employer and training provider support includes:
  • Learner support – delivering the services that you cannot deliver yourself.
  • Training and development support – supporting you to develop your inhouse awareness, processes and delivery.


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